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Daily Organic Food

The world today has come to a state of uncertainty, where people worry about what to eat, where to eat and when to eat. So many diseases out there have deprived us of the healthy lifestyle we desire. This is the reason SuperLife is producing organic products that will promote our well being.


Purchase Bonus Points

SuperLife award a very interesting Bonus point to people who buy any of the products and when the products recommended for use. This bonus points are available only to those who took a little step further by becoming a registered member, which does not cost anything.

30 Jan

Up Coming Event

  • 12:00 pm
  • Enugu Ngwo, Enugu

This is an extra- ordinary event that must NOT be missed! The Teachings will include: The Health Benefits of the Miracle Products from SuperLife, The active ingredients of the Products and the Business compensation plan on how to earn massive income and be financially free. This is an opportunity that you can not afford to resist.


SuperLife is the beginning of the New Age of Direct Sales. We aspire to redefine the concept of globalization, revolutionizing the industry of direct sales.

Lai Tek Kean CEO | Founder


We Aim to Build a Holistic SuperLife Ecosystem Underpinned by Strong Spirit of Integrity and Kindredness, Striving for the Pursuit of Excellence in the Areas of Health and Wealth.


Our Mission is to To Improve the Health & Well-Being of Communities by Promoting Scientifically Tested Products While Leveraging a Digital Platform Which Empowers SuperLife Members to Attain Sustainable Wealth by Promoting the Products Globally

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