SuperLife Total Care - STC 30

STEM CELL THERAPY The search for the fountain of youth by man has been in progress since time immemorial; there is nothing new about that. What have however changed are the methods of inquiry and discovery.

SuperLife Colon Cleancer - SCC 15

Colon health is a topic that was discussed in hushed tones in the past. People rarely discussed it with each other or rather, they discussed it only with their doctors. Today, however, colon health is commonly discussed, and thankfully so. During digestion, your small intestine does most of the absorption. The large intestine or colon absorbs most of the fluids from feces as it moves towards the rectum for evacuation.

Super Immune Care - SIC

SIC (SuperLife Immune Care) is a proprietary blend of nature’s finest ingredients, powered with AFA Concentrate and Co-Q10. Our advanced formula associated with stamina and longevity, is documented to support natural release of adult stem cells from bone marrow and increase number of circulating stem cells.

Super Neuron Care - SNC

SNC is a powerful concoction of Lutein and Gingko Biloba which helps to rejuvenate and revitalise vision and cognitive functions which naturally deteriorates with age.

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